Friday, January 21, 2011

Flaunt It Friday Time

It's time to Flaunt it if you have got it over at for this weeks challenge us Design Team Members had to create something from the Cartridge Give a Hoot the only requirement was to use Give a Hoot of course and the cut from page 61, which would be the bear in the trash can this is what I created
I took a bucket and wrapped twine that my mom had around it, and used the bear for the front he is cut at a 4 inch, and then I took the recycle symbols and cut them at 1.5 inches and made them into flowers, they are on the same page as the bear. I made this to remember to keep all my little scraps that I might other wise throw away.
Be sure to check out everyone elses projects. Sorry this is short and sweet but My internet is being rude and I really wanted to be able to make this post before it acts up again.
<3 Amy


  1. I love your scrap bucket!! Super cute!! :)

  2. So "trashy" LOL I love it. My scraps are just thrown in a box. I MUST come up with a better way.