Sunday, August 7, 2011


Ok so I know you hear this all the time from me but I really am sorry I neglect this blog. I am just not feeling the craftiness I use to. But maybe when I get back from my Vacation to Arizona I will have some inspiration. And I was recently asked to be a Design Team member for a awesome Person.. MORE about that later.

So you want to see what is up for Grabs??

It's a sponsored Giveaway , From my awesome pal 

 Mark Montano.

Some of you might be asking who is this Mark Montano you are speaking of. Well you might know him from the following: 

TLC's While You Were Out
10 Years Younger
My Celebrity Home on STYLE Network
She's Moving In WE TV
My Home 2.0 FOX

Yes Ladies he is a CELEB!! EEK!! I can't even contain my WOW. But here is another Tidbit on him HE IS A CRAFTAHOLIC!!  and he writes Craft books I own 2 of them. They Look Like this :

They are jam packed full of awesome thrifty craft Ideas. I <3 them. You can buy them on amazon. Ok so now for the give away . Mark sent me his other book called Pulp Fiction to give away to one of you lucky Ducky People.  here is a sneek peek :

Yes he even signed it :D

Here are some projects inside for you to make,
a 3D card  , it looks amazing.

recycled Journals <3 them. These are just a few examples on what the book holds for craft goodness.

So on top of ALL of this Mark has a new Etsy shop where he makes 1 of a kind pieces of Jewelry you can check it out here :   Mark's Etsy Shop

Follow him On facebook here : Mark Montano

 and Follow him on his new blog here : Mark's Blog

also His NEW book Big Ass Book Of  Crafts 2 will hit stores in October, so Watch for that :D

OK want to know how you can Win the book??

To win this AMAZING prize You need to complete the following : (please and Thank-You)

First, Leave a comment telling me what your favorite item in his Etsy shop is.
2nd Follow : My blog and His (2 chances)
3rd : Follow his Facebook
4th: Share this link on your Facebook/blog

Lets see how many Comments we can get people!! :D

I will be selecting the winner via Random.ORG on Friday 8-12-11.

Good Luck!!! 
<3 Amy.


  1. oh wow this is fabulous.... I would so love to win .... I am a follower of your blog. I just went and followed Marks blog and facebook Thank you for a chance to win.

  2. My favorite item in his Etsy is the black and turquoise beaded bracelet.
    I follow your blogs.
    I requested to join his FB.
    I shared on FB.

    Now send me my book woman. LOL.
    Good luck everyone.


  3. I love the tassel charm ribbon tie necklace with gold pieces. It looks very steam punk.
    some great pieces there.
    I follow your blog and on facebook. thanks for the chance to win.

  4. My favorite was the heart and key earrings!

  5. I am a follower of both your blogs. And I requested to be a FB Fan of his. I will share this on my blog at: Thanks for the chance to win this book... love it! Any idea when you will announce? I like to add that in my blog, thanks!

  6. Friday. I am fixing it now. Sorry. I forgot to mention that. Thanks for Signing up and spreading the word :D

  7. Hey Amy! Love your blog layout. Just stopped by from Facebook. I've done everything about I'm about to add it to facebook right now I will tag you in my post. Hope you are having a great day my friend and that you get tons of new followers/friends!!!

  8. my fav piece is Resin cameo renaissance metal cuff it is beautiful. I am a follower of both blogs. , put in a request to be a FB fan and posted a link to my FB page.
    Would love to win this book awesome giveaway, Thank you and Mark!!

  9. Let's see, I think that my favorite thing on his ETSY is the pair of brass acorn earrings. Super cute!

    and I added his blog to my reader, and of course I follow you! :)

  10. I have fulfilled all the criteria and love your blog. Hope that you find time to get your crafty mojo soon. I know it is hard sometimes.

    My favorite item in Mark's etsy shop is 7 Hearts Hidden Key Charmer. If I wasn't unemployed I would have bought it already. I am hoping for some birthday money so I could get it for myself.

    Thanks for your friendship and assistance on FB too. You are the bestest :)

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  11. I am following both blogs and have you both as FB friends. I shared this on FB.

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  12. Amazing giveaway! Thanks to the both of you! I have followed all your directions and I love the turquoise!!! So pretty! Maybe I can get this to work this time!

  13. ok now that I lost my whole post....

    I love the desk calendar on his etsy.... I follow his facebook.... I follow your blog of course and his... and sharing this on my facebook...

    what a great giveaway!!!

    Lisa Rhodes