Friday, February 4, 2011

Design Team Friday

Come Check out what the Flaunt It Friday Girls (including me) have made for you all to see

This week Team 1 used Indie Art, and we used the LIP cut out. It was my first time using my Gypsy : D Thanks to You Tube I was able to it it with little effort :D Here is what I created :

I took a box that was on clearence for 10 cents and covered it with DCWV valentines paper all the paper used was DCVW this time. I used Ribbon from BI-MART (who would of guessed that) lol. Here is the inside of the box :

I found LIP choclates at my local grocery store, it was sooo perfect so I grabbed them up. I hope you enjoy


  1. Hi, cute lips! I wanted Indie Art for so long, then (because I'm cheap) I waited long enough and got the free download-lol. Just love it, except when I go to my Gypsy, to design anything from that cart, I draw a big fat blank. That's almost my favorite yet I have the worst time. Today,after seeing how cute this is. I had this idea. I think I'll use only tiertiary colors and cut one out of every Indie Art cut and then throw them up in the air and Voile' instant card--LOL. What's a dadda's mama to do? I'm not that old but dementia must be setting it, haha. Craft Yourself Away with your perfectly ?unperfect¿ cards!

  2. lol Thanks. I am glad, I inspire someone. I actually have no Idea what I am going to make until I pick out the paper then it all just comes to me. I have a billion ideas in my head just most of them never get made :D haha