Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas is coming up fast!

I had some time to spare today so I figured if I made a card a day until christmas I'd get everyone taken care of.

 I am IN LOVE with the Santa on Simply charmed. so here is what I created today:
Here is a close up of the Merry Christmas:

So to whip up this card of mine I used :  Printed paper from DCWV, Plain paper from Joanns, the Ribbon came from my awesome Grandma Helen, the buttons came from Micheals, the stamp from Joanns, The bling from Micheals, and of course stickles they came from Micheals, and the cartridge is Simply Charmed. I stamped merry Christmas and then stickled it, it really looks better in person sorry my craptastic phone won't capture it.