Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 wins in 2 days .

I feel so blessed to win such amazing prizes. Yesterday I won ANOTHER expression from Cricut Magazine on facebook, and I crafted it forward to: 
It truly made me very happy to be able to make her Christmas wish come true. I can't wait until she gets it.

Today I get an email from 
that I was the winner of her giveaway from a blog hop, I won some stamps from Stampin Up

I can't say I don't love winning, but it makes it even more fun for me when I can craft forward my win's to other people.
Tis the season right?


  1. That's amazing! So sweet of you!! :) Thank you! :)

  2. Congratulations and how awesome of you to pay it forward on the Expression!

  3. congrats!!! I saw that yesturday on fb that was too sweet of you !!! awesome !!! Im sure it made your heart feel good and erins too !!!

  4. Congrats and what a wonderful thing you did!! Tis the season!

    ~Sharon C.