Monday, August 30, 2010

My very first blog award !!!!

First off a BIG thanks to DDCRAFTS @ for giving me this awesome award.

In order to keep this award I have to write 3 things I like about myself here they are
I am very creative
I love with my whole heart
and I'm pretty all around badass lol.

I have to post a picture of myself so here it is :

Here is a picture of me and my 2 son's.

Now I get to pass this award to 5 other people and that is very hard everyone inspires me so much

First  I want to give it to my sister Holly @ Recycled-Genius

Next I would like to give it to my craftacular friend Matt

 3rd I would like for Tanya at

4th I would like to give it to Abbie at CMT

and 5th but not least I think that Chrissy should have  her facebook is

Here are the Rules of the award ladies.

The rules in accepting this award are:

   Thank the person who gave it to you,

 Copy and post award to your blog, 

       List three things you love about your self

   Post a picture of yourself on your blog

Pass award onto five other people

Thanks again Debbie !!


  1. Whoooo Hoooo!I am honored! Thank you, I try very hard! And congrats to you! You deserve it!